About us

        The George bar and grill is the newest addition to Weymouth's beautiful harbour
        side. New owners Ali and Gary Record took over the venue with confidence that
        their very ambitious plans for the building and the business, would sit nicely into
        the already stunning theme of the harbour front.

    Front of house team

        The whole idea of the George Bar and Grill is to create a relaxed environment
        without dropping standards when it comes to the quality of our food or bar.
        We are really proud of the excellent rapport our staff builds with our customers
        and the service they so effortlessly provide. A smile goes a long
        way at the George Bar and Grill :)

    In the kitchen

        Our kitchen staff have a few simple rules that they love to live by. the food should
        be hearty, full of flavour and rustically served to match the homely feel of the George
        Bar and Grill. and it MUST by all means contain locally sourced, high quality